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Instructor Led

Until recently, instructor led training [ILT] was the traditional method for a law enforcement academy and field training.  OSS Academy® subject matter experts and instructional designers are experts at designing cost-effective solutions for issues a client agency might need to address.  For example, several of our police department clients were recently faced with detainee suicides in their temporary lock-ups.  Most of us know that in a smaller police department, officers overseeing a temporary holding facility are not professional corrections officers.  The solution – OSS-Law Enforcement Advisors® reviewed and updated the agency’s detention operation policies and procedures, suggested cost-effective upgrades to existing facilities, and our academy instructors designed an in-agency ILT course for the affected managers and officers.  Officer awareness and tactics improved, and the risk position of the city was stabilized.  One suicide attempt was foiled in the process, and suicide losses stopped.  For more information on OSS policies and procedures and site assessment resources visit OSS - Law Enforcement Advisors.

In addition to our local government and enforcement agency clients, our academy staff often supports insurance carriers, brokers, and insurance pools that insure local enforcement agencies, such as police, sheriff, constable, campus, hospital, and specialized enforcement agencies.  Often, this training takes the form of seminar gatherings, where multiple agencies are invited to participate and earn POST training credits.     

About OSS Academy

To learn more about OSS Academy® and what we can do to advance your law enforcement and corrections education or meet your agency needs with high impact, cost effective online or instructor led training, contact a course development specialist or our Training Coordinator at 281-288-9190 ext. 205.

Upcoming E-Learning Online Courses

OSS Academy® is constantly updating and adding new online law enforcement and jailer distance learning courses, so check back often. Click here, for a listing of our specialized courses currently under development and scheduled for completion in 2015-16.


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