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OSS Academy® distance learning courses are taken by law enforcement and corrections officers, and 911 telecommunicators across the United States.  In addition, we are proud to include courses that are of interest to other professional and student groups such as attorneys, city and county managers, corporate security personnel, and criminal justice students.

Check back often as we are constantly updating and loading newly developed courses (as completed) throughout the year.

Specialized courses recently launched, include:

Course Title

  1. Body-Mounted Cameras
  2. Child Safety Check Alert List Update #4068
  3. Community Policing & Problem Solving
  4. Crime Analysis
  5. Criminal Intelligence
  6. Crisis Communications for Emergency Telecommunicators #2120
  7. Crisis Intervention Response
  8. Deaf & Hard of Hearing Communications
  9. De-Escalation of Force
  10. Exigent Circumstances
  11. Demonstrations & Events - Part I - Lawful
  12. Demonstrations & Events - Part II - Unlawful
  13. Demonstrations & Events - Part III - Tactical Formations
  14. Ebola & Other Infectious Diseases
  15. Evading Honesty® - Triple I Solutions
  16. Field Supervisor - Part I
  17. Field Supervisor - Part II
  18. Freedom of Speech Enforcement
  19. Honest Officers & Brady v. Maryland
  20. Human Remains Identification
  21. Intelligence-Led Policing
  22. Internal Affairs Investigations
  23. Investigative Detention
  24. Juveniles in Custody
  25. Juvenile Interview & Interrogation
  26. Leadership in Law Enforcement
  27. Community Safety - NAPPI
  28. National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System
  29. Negotiator Tactics
  30. Officer Response to Victim-Precipitated Suicide
  31. Peace Officers & Open Carry #8837
  32. Police Access to Private Property
  33. Rapid Response & Deployment
  34. Recording Law Enforcement Actions
  35. Self-Aid & Buddy-Aid [SABA] Life Saving
  36. Smugglers, Inc.® - Triple I Solutions
  37. Social Media for Law Enforcement
  38. Stakeout Operations
  39. Statement Analysis Forensics
  40. Street Level Interviewing
  41. Suicide Bomber Response
  42. Suicide Prevention in Police Lockups
  43. Surveillance Operations
  44. SWAT Management
  45. Texas State & Federal Law Update #3185
  46. Total Verbal Deescalation - NAPPI
  47. Traumatic & Acquired Brain Injury #4066
  48. Witness Credibility

If you do not see a course that you or your agency are interested in, Contact OSS Academy®.

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Upcoming E-Learning Online Courses

OSS Academy® is constantly updating and adding new online law enforcement and jailer distance learning courses, so check back often. Click here, for a listing of our specialized courses currently under development and scheduled for completion in 2015-16.


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