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OSS Academy Law Enforcement, Jail & Telecommunications Training

OSS AcademyŽ has provided extensive training services to the private sector and the public sectors of law enforcement, jail and security operations and many major corporations.

We have also provided training to corporate risk management personnel, which include insurance and county/city risk managers.

Our training is provided via instructor led teaching methods, as well as online distance learning.

OSS Academy staff are professionals in their specific fields of expertise and have also received high marks for training through the academy.  Here are just a few of the testimonials that we have received:

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Thank you for your email. I greatly appreciate the offer to enroll me in another course due to the Body-Mounted Cameras class not being TCOLE approved; however, that will not be necessary. My department asked me to research policies and training for BWCs. It speaks to the professionalism of OSS to make such an offer.

I am a retired FBI agent who was involved in training throughout my career and I currently conduct training and provide expert testimony for law enforcement. As a reserve officer I provide training and policy recommendations. I would like to compliment OSS for its training. I have found it to be exceptionally well done and presented in an interesting format.

C. Joyner, Texas Peace Officer
I just wanted to let you know what a tremendous experience it has already been working with your company ... I am blown away with excellent service and highly recommend you to any LE out there. Thank you!!!
L. Brashear, CID
Thank you. OSS allowed me to catch up on my TCOLE requirements; I got the basics for my level of license (Master Peace Officer) completed ... Now I am going to take the courses I want to take.
P. Donnelly, Texas Peace Officer
Thank you for what you do. Not all agencies are willing to send people to training like this. Mine especially. I spend my own money to get the best. And you guys are the best! Again thank you.
R. Weston, Texas Peace Officer
You have an awesome company.
Z. Beauchamp, Texas Peace Officer
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