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OSS Academy Law Enforcement, Jail & Telecommunications Training

OSS Academy® has provided extensive training services to the private sector and the public sectors of law enforcement, jail and security operations and many major corporations.

We have also provided training to corporate risk management personnel, which include insurance and county/city risk managers.

Our training is provided via instructor led teaching methods, as well as online distance learning.

OSS Academy staff are professionals in their specific fields of expertise and have also received high marks for training through the academy.  Here are just a few of the testimonials that we have received:

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As we have talked before ... OSS has been a God send for the ... Sheriff’s Office as far as catching the officers up on their training requirements. In the entire year 2016 29 officers and dispatchers received 171 hours of training from the previous administration. From 1 January 2017 until present the same number has received 2368 hours of training, a large number of that has been with OSS. Thank you for being a great training partner.
J. Hunt, Professional Standards / Jail Administrator
I just wanted to send you this email to say thank you for OSS Academy Online training. Each class I took was very informative. I will recommend future use to fellow officers in the State of Texas and will use OSS Academy again. Again, I want to say Thank you!!!!!
K. Downs, Texas Peace Officer
I love the OSS "first" Academy and I will bring my "A" game each and every day while taking your courses.
A. Gregory, OSS Academy Client - TCOLE Applicant

I have to tell you how impressed I am with something other than the site. It's the customer service from you guys. I am one of many special operations guys that will be coming into various positions using (the Texas Administrative Code, RULE §219.25, License Requirements for Persons with Military Special Forces Training) process. I have been told that I'm the first to do this in the State of Texas. That being said, because of the last 24 hours of my experience with the folks there and just the sweetness (yeah I said that) of how you guys respond. I will be sending all of my brethren that are pursuing this right to you. I'm impressed. Thank you.

P. Craig, U.S. Special Forces - TCOLE Applicant
... Just so you know, thanks to your wonderful customer service thus far (I am so very impressed) I have passed along your website information to various officers I work with, who are in need of classes as well. It is so wonderful to find an organization that is so exceedingly helpful, and seemingly excited to be so. You and your organization are a blessing, sir. I thank you and all your co-workers for all your help and I look forward to taking many classes from you in the future ...
A. Brock, Texas Peace Officer
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