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Learning Management System (LMS)


LMS, Training Records, and Policy & Procedures Management

Training and Records Management: A Key Factor In Controlling Law Enforcement and Corrections Risks

There is no such thing as a risk-free environment. Every day, law enforcement and corrections staff step into a world filled with dangerous situations that require quick thinking. To account for this risk, implementing an effective training and records management system is a must for law enforcement and corrections organizations to maintain well-trained staff, and secure & safe facilities.

OSS Academy® offers an online training, document, and policy management system for law enforcement and corrections agencies to use as both a training platform, and a useful tool to manage training records, documents and agency policy and procedures.

Our Learning Management System (LMS) is designed to help your training team increase the level and amount of training, while decreasing the time and money your agency spends conducting & organizing training.

What Does Our Learning Management System Do?

Through our LMS you can assign mandatory and professional development courses, distribute and test policy & procedures - all without having to chase your entire staff down.

You’ll find a simple-to-use, intuitive tool for managing and distributing training content, documents or policy and procedures. Training Officers can use supervision tools to issue training alerts or directives, track compliance, monitor the effectiveness of training, generate system-wide reports and enforce compliance. Employees can use the LMS to access the courses they need, course transcripts, dates of completion, test scores, and more.

Making the Learning Management System the hub of your training program can help increase productivity and deliver meaningful savings, while supporting employee satisfaction. Getting started is fast and simple and the intuitive user interface helps employees get started quickly. After you set your preferences, the LMS enrolls new staff members in courses automatically. The system tracks and assigns courses with little to no administrative effort.

Intuitive and easy to use, the LMS allows you to:

  • Create your own courses or edit existing courses to better match your agency’s needs
  • Upload specific agency courses for new employees while providing training to help employees prepare for new duties in their career paths
  • Upload and test agency policy and procedures to verify all staff is up to date
  • Assign employee trainings by job title, department, hire date, and more
  • Enroll staff automatically or let employees register for courses themselves
  • Track both online and live training events to show proof of competency
  • Generate reports to help you monitor and enforce compliance with training directives
  • Produce the reports auditors need to verify compliance in minutes
  • Access 130+ OSS Academy® law enforcement, corrections, and telecommunicator mandated and professional development courses


Measured by widely used SCORM technical standards for web-based online e-learning training courses, our LMS features the most robust engine for staff training available.

Agencies across the nation have turned to our Learning Management System as a “blended learning” solution. Through blended learning, traditional off-site and instructor-led classroom training methods are combined with online law enforcement, corrections and telecommunicator training courses. The cost-effectiveness and convenience of this approach allows you to specifically target your instructor-led live training focus on areas that make the most impact.

Customize training to tailor-fit your agency by inserting your own:

OSS Academy Learning Management System LMS Policy Powerpoint Videos_1

Primary Features & Benefits of our Learning Management System:

  • The Best Content In The Market:OSS_Academy_Learning_Management_System_Best_Content
    • Access to hundreds of hours of up-to-date OSS Academy® courses
    • New courses are continuously added, including mandatory state course requirements for Peace Officers, Correctional Officers and Telecommunicators
  • Strengthen Compliance and Mitigate Risk:
    • OSS_Academy_Learning_Management_System_ScalesUpload your own agency specific training content and test on key critical topics
    • Reduce compliance deficiencies by increasing participation and by simplifying training management with an automated system
    • Centralized system that notifies your training team if a staff member has not completed a course, reviewed a policy and procedure, document or attended a live-training event
  • Reduce Training Cost, Time, and Effort:
    • OSS_Academy_Learning_Management_System_Reduce_Training_TimeReduce instructor-led training enrollment fees and travel expenses
    • Minimize or even eliminate overtime expenses with flexible training
    • Automate course assignment, tracking, notification, and reporting needs
    • Agency Training Staff automatically receive student course completion certificates electronically through the LMS
  • Use Blended Approach To Improve Quality Of Training:
    • OSS_Academy_Learning_Management_System_Online_TrainingGet more training completed with less effort
    • Allow all employees to learn at their own pace
    • Convenient for staff and training officers
    • Online training helps staff attend live training events better prepared


To learn how our Law Enforcement, Corrections, and Telecommunicator Learning Management System can help your agency contact our Training Coordinator or Contact Us.


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