Texas State & Federal Law Update #3186 (TCOLE) Course - Now Online!

The Texas Legislature has adjourned the 86th Regular Session. Among a wide variety of important legislative decisions, the U.S. 5th Circuit, and the U.S. Supreme Court have both made important decisions that will effect your Peace Officer career. ...

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Police Psychology: The Accused

This column has been known to cause some stir for the politics being read into it, but mostly the column ...

TDD/TTY for Telecommunicators #3812 (TCOLE) Now Online!

The hearing and speech impaired often use a communication system called TTY (Text Teletypewriter or Text ...

Texas Sets New Standard with Civilian Interaction Training (TCOLE) #30418 Course

In the wake of Sandra Bland's in custody death in 2015, the Texas Legislature has taken action to ...

Court Security Officer #10999 (TCOLE) - Now Online!

OSS Academy and U.S. Court Security Concepts is proud to announce that the new Court Security Officer ...

OSS Academy introduces NAPPI International® Personal Safety in the Community Online Course

Has an individual ever threatened you?  How did you react? Is there anything you would have done ...

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