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OSS Academy® is a state-licensed law enforcement training provider.  Our high-quality online training is available to law enforcement officers across the U.S. from experienced and qualified instructors.

If you have access to a computer and the Internet, you are within easy reach of a no-nonsense, high-quality learning experience.

While engaged in our e-learning process, you can pause the presentation and process, restart at your leisure, or even save it and come back another day.  As you progress through the course, you will find one-click instant access tabs to such enroll_buttonadded features as a glossary of terms, references, and frequently asked questions.  In addition, you can link to critical case law and other documents for more details on special topics.

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 Active Shooter Response
Your response to an active shooter situation is always critical. You may ... read more ›

 Basic Firearms Safety
Whether you are a strong supporter of the Second Amendment Rights to bear ... read more ›

 Communicator and Dispatch Basics
Are you a new Telecommunicator struggling with the basics of public safety ... read more ›

 Constitutional and Other Warnings
Most Western Republics attempt to balance the awesome power of the state ... read more ›

 Courtroom Testimony and Demeanor
This course will serve as both an indoctrination for those who have never ... read more ›

 Crime Scene Management
You are dispatched to a shots fired call at 2:00 a.m. You arrive at the ... read more ›

 Defensive and Distracted Driving for Law Enforcement
This course provides officers and staff with proactive knowledge and ... read more ›

 Domestic Violence Response
The goal of this course is to assist officers in responding professionally ... read more ›

 Evidence Collection, Control, and Storage
Law enforcement officers, as part of their regular responsibilities, gain ... read more ›

 Eyewitness Evidence
This course addresses why it is absolutely essential that eyewitness ... read more ›

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