Suicide Detection and Prevention in Jails #3501 (TCOLE)

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Credit Hour(s):  8
Number(s):  3501
Price:  $45.00


This is the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) mandated Suicide Detection and Prevention #3501 course offered in an online training course format for Texas Jailers.

Suicide is often the single most common cause of death in correctional settings. Each year in Texas, jails average 34 to 60 or more inmate suicides while in the custody of a local jail. This course was created to provide county corrections officers with an understanding of offenders with mental impairments, suicidal behavior, and methods for detection and prevention of suicide. Suicide prevention should begin at arrest, and continue throughout the individual's stay in a correctional facility. Experience has shown that many jail suicides can be averted with implementation of a comprehensive prevention program that includes staff training, intake screening, communication between staff, appropriate and safe housing, frequent observation, prompt intervention, and human interaction between staff and inmates. The State of Texas recognizes that the prevention of suicide by inmates is a critical issue to be addressed in all correctional facilities by the correctional staff, because suicide continues to be a leading cause of death within jails, prisons, and juvenile facilities throughout the country.

Please note, the entire course (including any applicable course parts), final exam(s), and course evaluation(s) must be completed in order to receive eight (8) hours of course credit.

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