Texas Court Security Officer #10999 (TCOLE) - Coming Soon!

Court Security Officer #10999 (TCOLE)

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Texas Court Security Officer #10999 (TCOLE) - Coming Soon!

By OSS Academy & U.S. Court Security Concepts Staff | Thu, 8 Feb 2018

OSS Academy is honored and excited to have teamed up with U.S. Court Security Concepts based out of San Angelo, Texas to develop and provide the mandated Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) Court Security Officer #10999 training course in an online format.

The purpose of our TCOLE approved course is to provide the Texas Court Security Officer a basic understanding of the threats associated with court settings, as well as technology and techniques for court security operations.

Topics within the OSS Academy and U.S. Court Security Concepts course include:

  • Introduction to Court Security
  • Bailiff Function in Court Security
  • Court Security Screening Basics
  • Explosive Recognition and Awareness
  • Introduction to Court Security Technology
  • Judicial Protection, and
  • Court Security Case Studies

We anticipate launching this important Court Security Officer #10999 (TCOLE) course in April 2018.

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