Texas Law Enforcement Go Online for Identity Theft Crimes #3277 (TCLEOSE)

Online Identity Theft Crimes #3277 (TCLEOSE)

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Texas Law Enforcement Go Online for Identity Theft Crimes #3277 (TCLEOSE)

By Joseph Winetrop, The Star | Wed, 7 Aug 2013

Texas Police Officers and Deputies can now go online to take the new OSS Academy® Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) (formally TCLEOSE) Identity Theft Crimes #3277 course.

"As always, after course completion TCOLE hours are reported directly to TCLEDDS for TCOLE credit," said David Salmon, Training Coordinator for OSS Academy®.  "Whatever is easiest for the officer, works for us.  Armed with the officer’s name and PID number, each successful TCOLE online course completion is reported direct to TCOLE by OSS Academy® staff at no additional charge.  To provide us with the necessary information, students can just pick up the phone to give me a call at 281-288-9190 Ext. 205 or it is just as simple to send me an email," said Salmon.

“We continue to receive great comments from all of our students regarding our online TCOLE training courses,” said Salmon.  “Our staff experts have worked very, very hard to build a terrific set of TCOLE approved law enforcement and jailer training courses.”  With more courses under development, OSS Academy® currently offers 63 elective and mandatory TCOLE Peace Officer and 71 TCOLE Jailer courses online.

Asked about the history of OSS Academy®, Salmon said, “forming OSS Academy® has been a dream of ours for quite some time.  We are all old school trainers with training staff comprised of long-time TCOLE Classroom and Firearms Instructors.  Our vision is to provide quality, low-cost training to Texas Peace Officers and Jailers.  No doubt about it, we are fast becoming the best online training resource for law enforcement officers throughout the great State of Texas and frankly, throughout the United States.

Here is a listing of just some of our TCOLE mandatory courses:

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To learn more about OSS Academy® contact our Training Coordinator at 281-288-9190 ext. 205.


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